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Grow your business by proactively managing risk and compliance

We gives you the visibility and context to meet industry and customer security requirements (including for M&As), ultimately improving your bottom line.

Our Approach

The cloud platform for risk reduction and compliance


Risk Reduction

  1. Continuous Monitoring: Implement continuous monitoring solutions that provide real-time visibility into cloud assets, configurations, and activities. This helps in identifying and addressing security gaps promptly.
  2. Automated Compliance Checks: Utilize CSPM tools to automate compliance checks against industry standards (e.g., CIS benchmarks) and regulatory requirements. Automated checks ensure that configurations align with best practices and security policies, reducing the risk of misconfigurations.
  3. Identity and Access Management (IAM): Implement robust IAM policies and practices to enforce the principle of least privilege, ensure strong authentication mechanisms, and manage access permissions effectively. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data and resources.
  4. Data Encryption: Encrypt data at rest and in transit within cloud environments to protect it from unauthorized access. Utilize encryption mechanisms provided by cloud service providers or implement third-party encryption solutions where necessary.
  5. Logging and Auditing: Enable comprehensive logging and auditing of cloud activities, configurations, and access events. Monitor logs and audit trails regularly for suspicious activities or policy violations, and retain logs for compliance and forensic purposes.

About our services

The cloud platform for risk reduction and compliance


Monitors activity to identify project roadblocks

Team Builder

Scans our talent network to create the optimal team for your project


Uses data from past projects to provide better delivery estimates


Regularly evaluates our talent to ensure quality


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Comprehensive Protections

Multi-layered security architecture protects against even the most sophisticated attacks

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Security Orchestration

Integration with leading hypervisor and private cloud solutions from VMware, Cisco, Open Stack

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Consolidated Visibility

Integration with leading hypervisor and private cloud solutions from VMware, Cisco, Open Stack

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